Zainab Abbas leaves India due to social media ‘propaganda’

It is said that Zainab Abbas made “anti-Hindu” comments, so an Indian lawyer filed a case against her. She has since left India. The International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed that the host had left the country for “personal reasons” and denied that she had been deported.

Zainab Abbas leaves India due to social media ‘propaganda’

Reports say that an Indian lawyer went to the police to file a complaint against Abbas for supposedly making statements against India and Hinduism. Abbas was named earlier this month as one of the hosts for this year’s World Cup. When the news was made, the host was very excited about the chance to go to India. The host said on X, which used to be Twitter, that she was “humbled” by the thought of joining the line-up of famous experts and hosts for the mega event.

India and Pakistan are neighbours but not many cultural exchanges take place due to strained ties between the two countries.

“There was always intrigue on what lies on the other side, more cultural similarities than differences, rivals on the field but camaraderie off the field, the same language and love for art and a country with a billion people, here to represent, to create content & bring in expertise from the best in the business,” said Zainab.

The presenter added that she was humbled to present in India during the World Cup for the ICC again.

“A journey away from home of 6 weeks starts now,” she said.

Zainab Abbas leaves India due to social media ‘propaganda’

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