Saqlain Mushtaq praises Pakistani Cricketers | Official statements

Readout how Saqlain Mushtaq praises Pakistani Cricketers and its Official statements down below with us!

Saqlain Mushtaq praises Pakistani Cricketers | Official statements

Recently, Saqlain Mushtaq was heard appreciating Pakistani cricketers. He stated that they are self-made and have got a lot of potentials to conquer the world of cricket.

“A player-coach relationship is like the relationship of a body with its soul. The player is the body, and the coach is the soul. So, the coach should know the player like the soul knows the body,” he said.

“It is important for a coach to understand everything about the player – his emotions, his thoughts, his approach – before going into technical details. If a coach doesn’t understand his player’s mind, then he won’t be able to get the best out of the player.”

“Players are giving their all, their heart and soul, in the field, during practice [sessions] and matches. I will give a lot of credit to them,” Saqlain said.

“I am enjoying my time with the Pakistan team as head coach. It is always an honour to serve your country. Every day is a new day and I start my day with thoughts of serving Pakistan cricket and the players.

“I prefer empowering players and I let them express their mind after telling them about the options. It is heartening to see players backing each other,” he added.

Coaching Pakistan

“The world recognizes Pakistan’s talent and potential, and one reason for our unmatched talent is that we are self-made cricketers. A majority of our players are self-taught on the streets while playing grassroots cricket. We, as cricketers in Pakistan, undergo a tough environment at the grassroots level which helps us become stronger at the top level,” he said.

“I must say that what he did against India, especially those two deliveries – I’ve not seen anything like that in my whole life. Those two deliveries gave Pakistan a new energy and a fresh belief,” he said.

“His attitude is tremendous, he’s never tired and always ready to bowl for the country and contribute to the cause. His work ethic is also exemplary, he is always focused on his game, which makes him a successful player,” the interim head coach added.

“The world recognizes Babar as the number one batter. There’s no doubt about his greatness. His mindset, his calmness is remarkable. He is a megastar of Pakistan Cricket. I pray that he dominates like this for a longer period,” he concluded.

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