Micro betting: the future of sports betting. What are the benefits and the risks of micro betting?

The fastest-growing segment of sports betting is live or in-play betting, which quite simply is wagering after a sporting event has already begun and during the time that the entire event takes place. 


Live betting has skyrocketed since the advent of the internet and the explosive growth of online betting sites in Pakistan. In fact, ever since digital technologies advanced to such an extent that sportsbooks started offering live streaming options, in-play betting has spiked. 


With in-play betting, punters get to have all the betting experience while a game is unfolding and progressing. The engagement with the game is at maximum, while the immersion with the bet itself becomes a source of excitement and thrill. In other words, what can be more thrilling than being able to bet on the outcome of a game that is just playing out? 


Well, the truth is there can be something more exciting than that and this is micro betting. Micro betting is actually the fastest growing segment of in-play betting! 


Micro betting is not only wagering live on a game, but wagering on moments, small fragments, or simply put, little pieces of a game. With micro betting you have bets that are short-term settled, quick, and capable of providing instant gratification. 


Today everything happens at incredibly high speeds. Well, sports betting could not be an exception to that and this is where micro betting comes in. Enabling punters to bet on nearly everything that can happen during the game, live while the game is on can be very exhilarating. 


The specificity in which punters can wager on a baseball match, let’s say, is amazing. They can bet on the next pitch or the next play, they can bet on whether the first pitch is going to be a strike or a ball or they can bet on every individual pitch outcome -which notably is amongst the most popular micro betting markets as far as MLB is concerned. You do realize that there are numerous – or better, countless – alternatives and choices or occasions on which punters can wager, while watching a game live. 


The good thing about micro betting is that it favors bookmakers and of course leagues and sports themselves. For the bookmakers, such as 1xbet, it is rather self-explanatory, because micro betting triggers more wagers and more wagers mean more vig and more revenues. This is the bottom line of everything that sportsbooks and betting sites in Pakistan do: generate more revenues and thereby, more vig and more profits.


As for the leagues, one needs only to consider that with micro betting, sports games become more exciting and more immersive for the fans. MLB has managed to get their fans more engaged with baseball games and on top of this they have managed to reach the younger fans segment more easily, ever since micro betting became an available option for the punters. Interestingly, this is also the case for other leagues as well, including NBA and NFL. 


Micro betting, of course, favors the side of bettors as well. The instant gratification, the engagement, the thrill, and the interactivity prospects opening up for punters are all unparalleled. All these could not be at the same level they are today if it weren’t for the possibility to place wagers on small episodes or moments of a game. 


Micro betting gives an extra reason to watch a live game, respond to changes in the game, and of course an extra reason to bet in the first place. For recreational or occasional sports bettors this can be very compelling because it adds another layer of fun while watching a game. 


But micro betting has some dangers as well. Particularly because it stimulates greater betting activity, it can become a source of addiction for some sports gamblers. It gives so many opportunities to wager on a game, but at the same time, it only means that those who bet will bet even more. 


This can become a serious problem for many people who are not taking the utmost responsible approach to sports gambling. So, while micro betting can power up the betting experience or even the game-watching experience, it entails risks that should never be overlooked by anybody who has the slightest suspicion that something is going on. 

Chris Michael
Chris Michael
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