Lionel Messi’s absence sparks refund demand

During a friendly game between Inter Miami and Hong Kong XI. Things went badly when soccer star Lionel Messi stayed on the bench the whole time. Fans started demanding their money back. Messi was supposed to play in the game. But the Argentine star stayed on the bench. So, it made the fans in Argentina very angry.

Lionel Messi’s absence sparks refund demand

The angry fans couldn’t hold back their anger and threw insults at the foreign team and their co-owner, the famous football player David Beckham, asking for their money back. An angry crowd of people who were there to see the 2022 World Cup winner booed Beckham and his team during the game. Messi, who most of the 40,000 fans had paid a lot of money to see, hurt his hamstring and stayed on the bench as a replacement who wasn’t used.

After the game, Beckham tried to address the crowd, but the booing from people leaving the stadium shut him out. Messi is widely thought to be the best player who has ever lived. Tens of thousands of people came out on Saturday just to watch him stretch in an open training session. That was all they got to see, though, as the 36-year-old rested his legs on Sunday.

Local stars G.E.M, Gareth T, and Mirror member Keung To had earlier performed for a crowd that included John Lee, the head of the city. However, the day ended on a bad note. The MLS team’s first win since September 2023 was easy thanks to goals from Robert Taylor, Lawson Connery Sunderland, Leonardo Campana, and Ryan Sailor.

Messi wasn’t in the game, but Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, two of his friends, played in the second half. Now, Inter Miami’s next club match is on February 7 against Vissel Kobe. Messi is likely to play in that game.

Lionel Messi's absence sparks refund demand

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