Laying and backing a bet: why sports trading is much more interesting than plain sports betting?

More and more betting exchanges are surfacing in the sports betting industry as more and more people begin to realize that sports trading is much more interesting and challenging than plain sports betting. This may sound somehow peculiar, but it is pretty much the truth. 


Sports trading is very different from sports betting. Betting is mostly about the emotional backing of one’s favorite athlete or team. A hard-core cricket fan, for example, backs his favorite team to win on an IPL betting app, giving somewhat favorable odds, even though the probabilities of winning are rather low. There is an affective element to betting, which manifests in the way punters place their wagers. In the vast majority of cases, bettors will choose to bet on an outcome that they desire or expect because they have emotional attachments to the team or players involved. So for the most part, betting is born from fans’ loyalty to these specific teams or players. 


Of course, we can see a more ‘business-like’ approach to betting, involving more analysis and sophistication in placing wagers. In the previous example with cricket betting, the punter would most likely perform research to find the best IPL online betting app, the one that would further his profit maximization goal and would wager on a value bet. 


Here the more professional bettors go for profit-making by calculating risks and rewards, assessing potential losses and profits, and devising their own strategies to meet their goals. These bettors are likely to use statistical processes to come up with the best approach to betting and staking and as such move considerably further down the road, compared to the punters who are betting based on gut feeling, hunch, or wishful thinking! 


Pro bettors are one step closer to sports traders, but there is still a long way to go. Because sports trading is fundamentally different from betting. 


The only things these two have in common are sports odds, backing a bet, and laying a bet. Sports trading is like trading only it involves bets, so instead of stocks people buy and sell bets. There is no bookmaker to lay a bet, as it happens with the typical sports betting transaction done in any of the traditional sports betting sites and platforms. 


Hence, there is no inherent advantage to the one side. The whole thing is not lopsided. Instead, bettors act as traders and they can do both: lay bets and back bets. When backing they essentially perform the same action that they perform as plain sports bettors. When laying, they perform the action that is traditionally done by bookies: let’s say being one of the best UPI betting sites to accept wagers. Obviously sports trading requires a context and given that there is no bookmaker to mediate any transaction, this context is provided by the betting exchange. 


Sports trading is much more than just deciding to back on a team to win, a player to score, or any event happening for that matter. It is about laying a bet, which means betting on the event not occurring, the team not winning or the player not scoring. It is the opposite. So, with sports trading, you can not only back a bet but lay a bet as well. 


What makes all the difference is the fact that sports trading is not just wagering and waiting to see whether the outcome is going to be in your favor. It’s not just assuming the risk and waiting to see whether this risk is going to pay off or not. It’s about having an exit strategy. Sports trading is not static, as is the case with sports betting. 


Instead, it is dynamic and it enables your game to be adjusted not on who wins at the end of a match, let’s say, but based on how the price moves. So you can lay a bet and back a bet, depending on the expected returns and how the price moves. In this way, played smartly you can lock in profit that is guaranteed without having to worry whether a team will win in the end, which would be the case with sports betting. 

Chris Michael
Chris Michael
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