Karachi Kings’ Imad Wasim discusses comeback

Imad (Platinum) joined Islamabad United, while Hasan Ali (Diamond) joined Karachi Kings. Karachi Kings’ Imad Wasim discusses comeback.  This player trade gives Karachi Kings Islamabad United’s first-round silver pick in exchange for their second-round pick.

Karachi Kings’ Imad Wasim discusses comeback

Former Pakistan cricketer Imad Wasim retired from cricket for personal and mental health reasons.

Imad told a local sports YouTube channel that his mental health was crucial to making such a life-changing decision.

“I was not in the right mental state, and if I were in that condition, I would never have made this decision,” said Imad.

In life, anything is possible. I’ve decided and won’t change. I don’t know what life holds, but it’s a big step “he added. Imad ended his eight-year relationship with Karachi Kings along with his international retirement.

Thanking the team and Salman Iqbal for their support, he wished the franchise well.

“Karachi Kings loved me deeply. I played eight years for Karachi Kings, and leaving is hard. If Salman Iqbal owns it, we do too since we spent eight years on the franchise. I wish them luck.” Imad said.

Imad also acknowledged that player contracts are temporary and franchises make decisions.

“The franchise trade involves leaving, joining, and returning to franchises. Franchise trade involves starting over, joining new franchises, and returning to old ones. We only have time to say yes or no to franchise when asked. All wanted a trade, so this happened “concluded.


Karachi Kings' Imad Wasim discusses comeback

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