Is the NHL More Popular Than It’s Ever Been?

Is the NHL More Popular Than It’s Ever Been?

The National Hockey League (NHL) has a rich history stretching back to its inception in 1917. A careful look at the evolution of its popularity reveals an intriguing pattern of growth, shifts, and transformations.

A Century of Progress: The NHL’s Growth Over the Years

Throughout its existence, the NHL has seen numerous milestones. The expansion era of the 1960s and 1970s marked significant growth, taking the league from six to 21 teams. This period saw an unprecedented increase in popularity. The NHL reached a broader audience, not only in North America but also globally.

The 1980s and 1990s brought technological advancements that increased the league’s reach. This era saw the introduction of cable television and the internet, which played a significant role in popularizing the NHL. Fans could now access NHL content easily, leading to an increase in the league’s fanbase.

The Rise of New Markets

In recent years, the NHL has taken strides to grow its market, venturing into regions previously untouched by professional hockey. The inclusion of teams like the Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken has introduced the league to new audiences, boosting its popularity. Additionally, the NHL has been proactive in diversifying its audience through initiatives like the Hockey Is For Everyone program, further enhancing its reach.

Popularity Metrics: Viewership and Social Media Presence

The surge in NHL’s popularity is visible through key metrics like television viewership and social media presence. Over the past decade, TV ratings for the Stanley Cup finals have steadily increased, especially in non-traditional markets.

Digital platforms have also contributed to the rise in popularity. The NHL’s social media channels have millions of followers, with fans engaging with content more than ever before. The league has cleverly leveraged these platforms to interact with fans, leading to a significant increase in engagement.

The Impact of Betting on NHL’s Popularity

One aspect that has undoubtedly influenced the NHL’s recent popularity surge is the advent of sports betting. With changes in legislation making it easier for fans to engage in sports betting, a new dimension has been added to the NHL experience. Among the best betting sites, NHL games feature prominently, adding an extra level of excitement for fans.

The Current State of NHL’s Popularity

Based on these indicators, it is evident that the NHL’s popularity is on the rise. The expansion into new markets, increased digital engagement, and influence of sports betting have all contributed to this growth. However, the question of whether the NHL is more popular now than it has ever been warrants a thoughtful examination.

While the league has undoubtedly reached new heights, there are challenges too. For instance, the NHL has faced criticism over the handling of player safety issues, which has led to some degree of fan disengagement. Moreover, compared to other major North American sports leagues, the NHL’s TV ratings are still lower, suggesting there is room for growth.

A Look Ahead: The Future of the NHL

Given the current trajectory, the NHL’s future looks promising. With continued efforts to globalize the sport and increase its digital presence, it’s plausible that the NHL’s popularity could continue to rise. The league seems committed to not only maintaining its current fan base but also attracting new audiences.


The NHL is undoubtedly enjoying a period of increased popularity. However, while the league is more global and digitally engaged than ever, whether it is the most popular it has ever been is subjective and depends on one’s perspective.

Regardless, with its continuous efforts to grow and adapt, the NHL’s future holds promise. The rise in viewership, increased presence on digital platforms, and influence of sports betting are all indicators that suggest we can expect the NHL’s popularity to continue on its upward trend.

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