India-Pakistan cricket fan fever fills Ahmedabad hospitals

Cricket fever has hit Ahmedabad ahead of Saturday’s most-anticipated match between Pakistan and India. The fact that fans rushed to hospitals near the match site shows people’s excitement. Many people have suddenly booked overnight stays at several hospitals in the western Indian city to get checked out for the World Cup group stage match between the two bitter foes.

Several doctors told local media that the rush for check-up “packages” was a clever way to find cheap lodging before the match since hotel prices have increased by up to 20 times. The head of the Ahmedabad Medical Association, Tushar Patel, told Reuters that some people who came to watch the India-Pakistan match also made appointments for health checks and stayed in hospitals.

India-Pakistan cricket fan fever fills Ahmedabad hospitals.

The Ahmedabad Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association has told its members not to take in these fans. Pakistan and India have won their first two games at the event, so they are ready for the big match. The first set of tickets for Saturday’s game sold out in just one hour in August, so the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) put out another 14,000 seats earlier this month.

“We logged into the site with multiple devices,” he stated.

“We constantly kept on refreshing the site and were able to book within 10 minutes after the sale of tickets began.”

People are selling tickets for up to 25 times their face value, and on Tuesday, four teens were caught selling fake tickets.

The cost of flying has increased by as much as four times what it used to be, and Indian Railways will run two high-speed trains between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
The 134,000-seat Narendra Modi Stadium, which played home to former US President Donald Trump in 2020 and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese earlier this year, looks like the perfect place for the biggest rivalry in cricket.

The city will be a “no-drone zone” on Saturday, and Ahmedabad police commissioner GS Malik said that 11,000 security guards will be sent to the high-profile match. Pakistan arrived in Hyderabad with a warm welcome on their first trip to India since the 2016 T20 World Cup. This was where they played their first two games.

India-Pakistan cricket fan fever fills Ahmedabad hospitals

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