Horse Racing Betting Strategies: How To Minimize Your Losses

There are few more popular sports to wager on throughout the year than horse racing. The sport boasts no shortage of major events throughout the season, with massive graded stakes races being staged in nations such as the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia.

Some of the biggest races on the schedule attract novices to bet on the sport, which often leads newcomers to wonder how is the best way to maximize their chances of landing returns on their selections.

Experienced bettors are typically very considered when making their selections on horse racing, but what are some of the tips that should be followed to ensure that you stand the best chance of gaining returns on your selections?

Examine The Favorites Form

Typically, horse races are won the selection that can be found at the top of the betting, as this runner would have been backed by the majority of those that are wagering on the race.

However, it is sometimes worth taking on the selections found at the top of the market, as there could be little value in siding with the horse. Furthermore, favorites could sometimes have more to find based on the form in the book, whether that be that they are unproven over the distance, or they are unsuited by the ground.

Getting the favorite beat is typically the main goal for most bettors, which means examining any holes in the form of the selection to ensure that you could be best suited to backing something at a bigger price. However, if the favorite looks rock solid with very few negatives, then it is also encouraged to follow what you have found during the research process.

Cover All Potential Angles

If you have completed the research and have found two potential runners that stand out in a race, then it is a popular strategy to bet on both. Dutching is incredibly popular when wagering on horse racing, as it covers off two potential results.

However, it is always important that bettors following this strategy should ensure that the returns that they stand to win from each of the selections cover the stake that has been place on the race.

A popular way to utilize this betting method is to select the shorter price runner to win the race, and then backing the bigger priced selection in the place market. Therefore, you could potentially win both of the bets, and the place wager typically covers the stake that has been wagered.

Find Trends

As horse racing has been competed for generations, there are typically trends that could help identify the potential winner of a race. One of the key angles that many experienced bettors follow is the progeny of the horses in the race.

This could help identify potential angles, as runners that have sires that have won over a certain distance or ground could be a valuable asset when compiling your research for the most likely winner of the race.

Trends can also help identify potential winners of races in some of the most prestigious events on the calendar. For example, experienced bettors will examine the historic records of stalls when it comes to the Kentucky Derby. Find more info here:

Many will also consider the trends when betting on the Grand National, as it could help unearth a horse with potential value in the market. While the research into each horse in a race is essentially important, assessing the trends in some of the biggest races on the calendar is also essential in helping pinpoint a selection that could excel.

Take Advantage Of Different Markets

As one of the world’s most popular sports to bet on, there is a wide range of betting markets available when it comes to wagering on horse racing across the world. Win betting remains the most popular, especially when it comes to newcomers making wagers for the first time. However, if you’re looking to bet on a horse at a big price in this market, then it may be more worthwhile to find a different market to enhance your chances of picking up returns.

Place betting is an extremely popular alternative when it comes to wagering on races with big fields. Here, bettors stand to win returns on their wagers if the selected runner finishes in the top three positions. Some sportsbooks will even offer more places in this market depending on the number of runners involved.

A popular betting market among experienced bettors is the exotics. These include bet types such as Exactas and Trifectas. But, it is more challenging to gain returns from these bets, as gamblers must successfully predict the runners that finish in the first two and three places, respectively, in the correct order. However, it could be very lucrative if the bettor has conducted extensive research on the race that they are wagering on.

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