Do Some Crypto Betting Site Broadcast Sports?

The short answer is: Yes, some crypto betting sites do broadcast sports as a part of their service as it makes their site more attractive for their patrons. The use of cryptocurrency has grown exponentially over the past few years. Cryptocurrency is easy to store and transfer without having to have any third party involved. So it’s no wonder a lot of businesses prefer this time of payment system.

Betting sites have also turned to crypto owing to its decentralized nature. As a matter of fact, crypto has revolutionized the industry through its accessibility. It’s an inexpensive and quicker mode for transferring funds. As crypto betting sites are growing in numbers, a lot of sites are now offering extra features to attract more customers.


Understanding How Crypto Betting Sites Work

Crypto betting sites work very similarly to traditional gambling sites. The difference mainly lies between their modes of currency. Where one uses traditional money the other uses cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As crypto assets can’t be defined as legal tender, the transaction isn’t regulated. Here is how crypto betting sites work:

  • Registration: Interested platers first need to open an account on whatever betting site they want to use. To register you usually need just an email and later you need to connect your account to a crypto wallet. Unlike normal betting sites, you are required to share any personal information.
  • Deposits: Crypto betting sites usually accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. The deposit address views what cryptocurrency you can select on the betting site. Whether you are using Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, or Litecoin, you will need to transfer the necessary funds to the account from a private wallet.
  • Games: The choice of which game you would like to place a bet on is entirely your decision, with numerous possibilities available. You can find nearly all streamable sports on crypto betting sites including basketball, tennis, cricket, MMA, soccer, ice hockey and the list goes on. Major sports events like the NFL, Premier League, LaLiga, NBA, etc are usually highlighted on the sites so the customers don’t miss out on them.
  • Stakes: Your stakes are converted to US dollars from cryptocurrency when you’re using them on the betting site. This is done because knowing exactly how much you’re putting at stake is tough in crypto.
  • Withdrawals: Most crypto betting sites offer automated withdrawal services. Once you have provided your crypto wallet coordinates, the site will transfer the funds straight to the wallet. The transfer process usually takes a few minutes.


The Correlation Between Betting Sites and Broadcasting Sports

Crypto betting sites offer broadcasting services as well. The sites will livestream major or minor sporting events so that the patrons can place their bets in real-time. Broadcasting sports in real-time is just one of the few services they provide.

Crypto betting sites have contracts with broadcasting networks. Sometimes they have streaming services of their own. Through these means, they can broadcast sports and improve their user experience. However, finding live streams of very niche games can be difficult.

Crypto Bettings Sites That Broadcast Sports

There are quite literally hundreds of betting sites out there. All of them try to offer unique features and quirks to keep their user base satisfied. Here are only a few of them:


Cloudbet is the leading crypto betting site in the U.S. Their site is rich with features and lets users bet on various kinds of sports. Soccer, tennis, boxing, basketball, etc are just a few of them. In the sites, you will notice yellow boxes that highlight major sporting events. They also provide 24-hour live stream globally.

Cloudebt offers other features like zero margin odds. About 1000 customers get the chance of odds with zero margins which means they aren’t charged with commission on the bets they had placed. The site accepts a little over 30 different kinds of crypto

This site is owned by mBet Solutions and operated by them as well. The sites showcase different sports that the users can bet on. The site itself is very user-friendly as it is available in over 10 languages. You can also find the usual bonuses and promotions in your betting.

Being sponsored by so many sports teams, Sportsbet boasts its partnership with high-profile organizations. Though the site isn’t accessible through mobile apps, you can still find decent customer service.


You will find a wide range of payment methods being offered in Farispin. Alongside traditional sports, Fairspin also lets users bet on e-sports as well. Their services include live video broadcasts of various sporting events, personal meaning of depositing and payments, and regular offers and discounts.

Fairspin accepts 20+ cryptocurrencies but no flat currency. New users of the site get to enjoy 200 TFS tokens. These can generate about 535% APR on the site.


This particular betting site has gained popularity through the various betting options it offers. Without requiring any KYC you can enjoy exclusive promotions, advanced betslip combinations, live bets, and much more. The site supports crypto alongside flat currencies.

Justbit offers the widest range of sports. Its appeal to enthusiasts of esports is exceptional, as the platform broadcasts prominent video games such as Mobile Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and countless others.


In 1xBit, you can expect to find the most unconventional sorts of games that you can place bets on. Alongside hound racing, horse racing, and dice games, you can also bet on chess games and sailing. The crypto sportsbook also lets the players take part in casino games and cockfighting.

The site accepts over 40 different kinds of cryptocurrencies and has a very immersive betting section. Users can enjoy live video streams and have their bet insured.


You can tell from the user interface of the site that it was designed for crypto betting. Users can tap into a wide range of international betting markets through this site alone. FortuneJack offers generous bonuses for novel users to encourage them to stay. The site has a record of being secure and user-friendly.

Being one the longest-running sites in the industry, FortuneJack lets users place bets on traditional and virtual sports. Users can choose whether to bet on the end result of the match or do they want to set other parameters.


Benefits of Crypto Betting Sites

There are good reasons as to why people are leaning towards the use of crypto rather than traditional flat currencies. The benefits of using crypto on betting sites include:

  • Since it’s not defined as legal tender, the transaction of crypto is not regulated. This the users stay anonymous throughout the transaction process.
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds through crypto is easier and less of a hassle. As you don’t have to go through any tedious processes when transferring funds in crypto, people prefer this over other mediums.
  • Crypto is very cost-efficient. When using crypto, users can avoid any transaction fees on the betting site.

Final Note

The global betting community is massive as it is. But these crypto betting sites are getting more and more popular each day. Users tend to keep using these sites for their fast and reliable modes of transactions.

The extra features that they offer like broadcasting sports live also attract the customers. What betting site suits you depends on what you are looking for. But with so many to choose from you won’t have a hard time finding it.

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