Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) recent announcement

Read out the complete details about Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) recent announcement down below with us!

Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) recent announcement

Recently, Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) has made some recent announcements especially for the young players, who’ll be given scholarships.

“So, scholarships will be provided to young, aspiring players from Yorkshire traveling to, training, and playing in Lahore. Thus, including access to the Qalandars’ first-class facilities. Also, opportunities for young people from Pakistan to come to Yorkshire,” the statement read.


“The Qalandars has set a strong precedent when it comes to executing effective player exchange programs. Together with successful partnerships with several Australian Big Bash League teams. It will enable several exchanged players to demonstrate their international pedigree,” the statement read.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club Chair Professor Lord Patel said: “The work the Lahore Qalandars do both on and off the pitch is remarkable. Thus it can serve as a benchmark for clubs around the world. So ours included – for how best to spot, foster, and support talent at all levels in the game of cricket.”

“I am thrilled to welcome the exceptionally talented Haris Rauf to our club. I am also excited by the opportunity to learn from the inspirational Players Development Programme,” he added.

Lahore Qalandars Director of Cricket Aqib Javed said: “How we have worked and continue to work with clubs around the world. Plus when it comes to exchanging players should be a model that many clubs look to follow.

“It allows for increased diversity, the sharing of skills and expertise. Also, all of these lead to positive cultures in which excellence thrives,” he added.

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