Wrestling leader Vince McMahon resigns from WWE amid hush money probe

Wrestling leader Vince McMahon resigns from WWE amid hush money probe is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Wrestling leader Vince McMahon resigns from WWE amid hush money probe

McMahon, the producer of a pro wrestling show that became a global entertainment empire, announced Friday that he was stepping down as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment because of severe sexual misconduct claims. McMahon has known Trump for a long time, and he has a lot of respect for him. When McMahon was in charge of his own wrestling shows, he made himself a character and even invented the XFL to compete with the NFL. He resigned from WWE in the middle of an internal probe last month. There had been reports of an employee who was paid $3 million to keep the affair secret from him. While the inquiry is ongoing and the charges of impropriety are becoming more serious, his daughter Stephanie was chosen temporary CEO and chairman.

Wrestling legend Vince McMahon paid more than $12 million to four ex-WWE employees to keep quiet about their alleged misdeeds, according to a story from the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago. A former female wrestler claims he compelled her to engage in oral sex with him, and she’s not the only one. It wasn’t until Vince McMahon took over the WWE from his father and grandfather that it became a global corporation with hundreds of employees and offices in every corner of the globe. The younger McMahon brought a fresh and colourful style to wrestling as he spread it over the world.

Hogan and other professional wrestlers were employed by him, who went on to become household names outside the ring. In 1985, McMahon staged the first Wrestlemania in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, where WWE wrestlers became cultural icons because to his use of music and storytelling to promote his stars. Donald Trump has also been a longtime friend of McMahon’s. Linda McMahon’s husband, WWE CEO Vince McMahon, received a job as the director of the Small Business Administration from President Trump.

Wrestling leader Vince McMahon resign from WWE amid hush money probe

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