What it Newsjacking and How to Highlight Insta Account in a Better Way

5 Cases When Newsjacking is Hot and One When It Is Not

Growing an Instagram account and finding an audience that will credit your content is not an easy task. There are various methods to do that, including unusual ones, which may be exactly what you need.  All special techniques require special tools, such as the automatic Hashtag Generator.

how to drive the audience

How Does News Borrowing Help to Advance an IG Account?

What is newsjacking? When something major happens, a lot of talking about it immediately begins. It has become a trend. And like any other trend, you can use it to your benefit. Start discussing this, making posts with your opinions, reactions, and references to the subject. When people are hyped about the topic, they will look for more content. However, it must be used appropriately. There could be situations where newsjacking can do more damage to your page, than a profit. Firstly, are examples when it works well:

  • Reviews. Your opinion and detailed assessment of a big fresh story or episode from your industry is also part of newsjacking. For instance, a user gives their reaction to a new music album, movie, etc. Think wider – a point of view can be made on almost anything.  The rule is to act like a true professional and don’t mislead anyone.
  • Event covering. This is a great opportunity to be part of an important event related to the type of content you have. Make Photos, Reels, and Stories right from the venue – exclusives bring the user’s attention.
  • Pop culture references. Lots of brands mention the latest news from Hollywood, the music business, and fashion in the context of their products. The main thing here is a clever and creative inclusion.
  • Sports events references. Everything is the same as in the paragraph above, except that you need to act faster. This way you can get a part of that big traffic from sports fans directly on your profile.
  • Trendy topic. Sometimes the discussion came out of nowhere and on a variety of subjects. The harmless ones are good to use as an account promotion, but some themes are unsuitable.

Newsjacking isn’t recommended if it concerns politics and social issues. It is unacceptable when it comes to natural disasters or deaths (unless you want to pay respect to someone, and that should remain the only reason). Also, just a poorly done post won’t do you any good.

Remember, it takes months to build a strong IG Profile, and only one wrong publishing to destroy a reputation. Think, read, and review these posts twice before showing them to the world.

Why Is the Instagram Hashtag Generator Your Best Assist?

When you are trying to use fresh news and talking points as a promotional strategy, you need additional instruments.  There is no point in posts if you can’t reach a wider audience. This is why the Hashtag Generator tool becomes necessary. Ig users can write up to 30 hashtags. This leaves you a place to experiment. Mix obvious and popular hashtags with more specific ones to increase the likelihood of your content being seen by different groups. Use the online Hashtag Generator from the Toolzu service and get the following benefits:

  • The constantly updated database currently contains over 12 million hashtags, so you are sure to find the proper tags.
  • Hashtags are divided into groups depending on difficulty and volume, which makes it easier to navigate and select the best ones.
  • Advanced search. The AI-powered Hashtag Generator picks the relevant tags for every new trend you are trying to cover.
  • Various methods for generating tags: not only by words but also by URL or photo.

hashtag finder

Create an engaging post and include relevant hashtags. This is an organic promotion that brings real users. With the generator which provides popular, trending, and custom tags, you’ll be ready for any news.


Experimental practices can give your Instagram page the boost it needs to take it to the top positions. But these methods only work when you know exactly how to make it and under what circumstances. Moreover, the IG hashtag generator is a huge advantage along the way.

Chris Michael
Chris Michael
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