What is Hayya card for World Cup 2022?

It’s crunch time for World Cup preparations, as the first games begin on November 20, and fans need to ensure they’re ready. The World Cup stadiums and the country require all ticketholders to apply for and carry a Hayya card. Let us explain what a Hayya card is for World Cup 2022 and why it is needed.

What isHayya’sa card for World Cup 2022?

For those who have purchased tickets, the Hayya card serves as a Fan ID, granting them access to all public transit in Qatar, including the metro and buses, as well as admittance into the stadiums, for free on game days.

Who needs a Hayya card?

All fans wishing to enter Qatar and watch the games must first get a Hayya card. Young people under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian apply for their Hayya card on their behalf.

Does the Hayya card serve as a visa?

With a valid Hayya card, international visitors to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup do not require a visa to enter the country. To remain in Qatar, Hayya cardholders must do so until January 23, 2023.
What is a Hayya card for World Cup 2022?
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