What are the main features of cricket grounds?

Cricket is a popular sport played all around the world. There is the great 1xBet mobi Android app that you can obtain now and see the excellent catalog of sports events that are available.


A cricket ground is an essential element of the sport, where players and spectators come together to enjoy the game. There are several main features of a cricket ground that make it suitable for this sport. Through the 1xBet mobi application for Android you can also wager on the most important competitions of this sport too.


A pitch that must be in perfect condition

The cricket pitch is the central playing area of the cricket ground, where the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman. Right now there is an outstanding bookmaker that can be used to wager on bowlers, and it can be visited at the https://in.1xbet.com/live/cricket website.


Some of the main aspects of the pitch include:


  • it must be 20 meters long;
  • it must also be 3 meters wide;
  • it is made of closely-mown grass;
  • and has a flat surface, which is essential for the ball to bounce accurately.


There is also the boundary, which is the area that surrounds the cricket pitch, and it marks the limit to which the batsman can hit the ball. Batters are also featured at 1xBet, where great wagers can be made. The boundary can be marked by a rope, fence or a white line. The boundary length can vary from one ground to another, but the minimum length required is 50 meters.

Other aspects to make a cricket field even better

The outfield is the grassy area that surrounds the boundary, and it is where the fielders position themselves to field the ball. The outfield must be kept well-maintained and should have a smooth surface to allow for quick movement by the fielders. Download the best mobile football betting app for iOS, which is the one provided to you by 1xBet, where great cricket wagers are also available.


The stands are essential too, as they are the seating areas for the spectators, and they are usually located around the boundary. The stands can be made of concrete or steel and can be of varying heights. They must provide a clear view of the pitch for the spectators. The best mobile betting app for iOS is the one offered by 1xBet, which covers football, cricket, and plenty of other sports too.


Some stadiums also have a pavilion, which is the building located within the cricket ground, which serves as the administrative area for the cricket club. It is where the players change and prepare for the game, and it also serves as the media center for the press.

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