Tom Latham Is Content With Pakistani Meet & Greet With NZ Squad

Tom Latham is the famous skipper of Newzealand Cricket Team. He has should his remarks on how the authorities of Pakistan treated the NZ Squad. Also, the player should make disappointment over the sudden pull out of the NZ Squad.

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Tom Latham Is Content With Pakistani Meet & Greet With NZ Squad

Tom Latham is one of the prominent players of NZ Squad. Recently, he stated in his interview that the sudden call out back to NZ. The skipper was disappointed with being called back by the authorities of NZ. He also stated that Pakistan officials took good care of the squad. The people of Pakistan were totally down to earth and provided more than his expectation, says the skipper. Nevertheless, he was very upset with the sudden act. According to the player, he felt homey in Pakistan!


“He was very happy that international cricket was resuming in Pakistan, and for us [New Zealand squad] to be there too,” he said. 

“We all spent time there [Pakistan] which was very good for us,” he said. “The last 24 hours there were quite tense but now we are in high spirits and waiting to go home,” he said. 


 the ECB said, “we understand that this decision will be a significant disappointment to the PCB”, who have worked tirelessly to host the return of international cricket in their country.”

 “mental and physical well-being” of its players and support staff remains their highest priority, and this was even more critical given the times “we are currently living in”.


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