Shahid Afridi gives cricketers advise

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Shahid Afridi gives cricketers advise

Shahid Khan Afridi, a famous former cricket player from Pakistan, met young cricket players in the city, making their dream of meeting the ex-captain come true. The Shahid Khan Afridi Foundation (SAF) supports Young Summer Stumps, which is a group of talented young cricket players who want to become stars in the future.

Afridi is a well-known cricket player. On Friday, he came to the TMC ground to meet these young kids and give them confidence. Afridi told the kids at the event that they should focus on cricket and school. “Cricket should be the only thing you think about. Then, too, your work, “Afridi said to the children. A former cricket player who is now a philanthropist helps athletes in many different sports through his welfare foundation.

Shahid Afridi gives cricketers advise

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