Saudi Arabia hosts Pakistan women’s football tournament

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invited the Pakistan women’s football team to play in an event there in September, sources said on Monday. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting a women’s tournament with teams from all over the world. The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) was invited, and they agreed. The event will have at least four and no more than six teams.

Saudi Arabia hosts Pakistan women’s football tournament

A few days ago, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation tried to contact the PFF. Once the teams are set, the organizers will give more information about the competition. The PFF will set up a camp for the women’s team by the end of this month once they have all the information they need about the event. The PFF hopes this tournament in the Middle East will be very important for the players’ growth because they will get more experience playing in other countries.

The Pakistan women’s football team played in a four-nation cup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in January of this year. That tournament had four sides: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Comoros, and Mauritius. The home team won the championship, but Pakistan scored second with four points.

So far, in 2023, the Pakistan women’s football team has played seven games and won only two. They have scored four goals and given up ten. The Green Shirts’ last international match was in July against Singapore. They put on a great show but lost 1-0, even though they played very well.

Saudi Arabia hosts Pakistan women's football tournament

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