Russia Accused US of Rigging 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, held in Japan 2021 is over. However, the controversies aren’t! Russia accused the US Of Rigging the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Therefore, this news took the internet by storm. Therefore, Russia has many unsettled claims over it!

Russia Accused US

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Russia Accused US of Rigging 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Russia has begun to put light on a new controversy that has taken the internet by storm. According to Russian officials, the US is a country of freaks who are completely unfair. Moreover, Russians have claimed that the decision has not been made fairly in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. So, they blame the US for this unfairness.  Additionally, Russia has accused the US of Rigging the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Not only this, Russians do not accept finishing fifth in the medal count of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Statements of Russian Officials For US

On Monday, Olga Skabeeva,  a television host of Russia’s state-owned television channel, declared Tokyo Olympic Games as “clearest example of total Russophobia.”

Also, Russian lawmaker Aleksei Zhuravlyov stated the competing countries in the tournament as,  “a pack of Russophobic beasts,  headed by the United States.”

Moreover, Skabeeva said,

“These Olympic Games stink. Global sports forever ceased being an honest competition, turning into a cheap political farce.”

“At the behest of Americans, the International Olympic Committee took away two gold medals from Russian.” 

According to the Daily beast’s report, Deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy stated,

“Americans are freaks. Moral freaks. Why are we even discussing this parade of freaks and perverts.?”

So do you believe that Tokyo Olympic Games were not played off fairly by US and other states? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box down below, right now! Feel free to ask any queries. Also, stay updated for more news and updates.

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