Ramiz Raja Replaced Ehsan Mani | Ramiz Raja Accepted the Post of PCB Chairman

As we all know that Ramiz Raja was in talks with PM Imran Khan for the post of PCB Chairman after Ehsan Mani’s term ends. Now the sources have confirmed that he has accepted the post and Ramiz Raja has reportedly replaced Ehsan Mani and he will take over after PM Imran Khan’s verdict.

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Ramiz Raja replaced ehsan

Ramiz Raja Replaced Ehsan Mani as PCB Chairman: Sources

After the news of former PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani’s end-term was circulating, the best candidate after him was Ramiz Raja. The talks were still not confirmed about Ramiz being the new PCB Chairman but now after the meeting with PM Imran Khan, he himself has said that he has replaced Ehsan Mani.

On the sports portal, Ramiz Raja said:

“The aim is to reset Pakistan cricket’s GPS and will be in pursuit of excellence.”

He further added:

“I have given him (Imran Khan) my plans. He will make a call,”

Are you happy about seeing Ramiz Raja take over the post of PCB Chairman after Ehsan Mani? Do you have high hopes for him or you were happy with former PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani? Do let us know in the comments section below as we love to hear from you.

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