PSL 9: Naveen-ul-Haq discusses following Babar Azam


Naveen-ul-Haq, the fast bowler for Peshawar Zalmi, recently talked about what it’s like to play for Babar Azam’s team in the ninth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

PSL 9: Naveen-ul-Haq discusses following Babar Azam

In a podcast on the team’s YouTube account, Naveen was honest about his time as captain under Babar. He said that Babar is a “very calm” boss who knows how to handle things calmly.

“From what I’ve seen, he seems very chill and at ease.” At this point, you can’t always tell your players or fielders what to do; you have to step up when it’s needed. Naveen said, “All of this can be seen in Babar’s leadership. We are all having a great time under his leadership.”

Naveen said that he and Babar could talk to each other easily and that their shared calmness was good for the team’s chemistry.

We both have calm attitudes, so it’s easy to talk to Babar. We haven’t had any problems with each other yet. He also said, “I think that being calm on the pitch helps your team.”

Naveen said that Babar was calm and collected on the pitch, which showed how important it is to keep your cool, especially when things get tough.

It’s important to have a leader who stays cool and keeps the team together when things go wrong on the pitch or when you lose.

“The whole team will have a hard time if your captain starts to act angry and irritable.” “During our first PSL game in Multan, I saw that Babar bhai was very calm. Everything has been fine,” he said.

When asked about his fight with former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Naveen said that it happened on the pitch and that they had moved on from it.

PSL 9: Naveen-ul-Haq discusses following Babar Azam

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