Pakistani Athlete Fatima Sana | ICC Women’s Player of the Month Nominations

ICC Women’s Player of the Month 

The ICC Player of the Month is a monthly award. International Cricket Council presents it since January 2021 to recognize cricketers, male and female. The players that have best performed across all forms of international cricket win this award. Pakistani Athlete Fatima Sana has also been nominated for ICC Women’s Player of the Month.

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 ICC Women’s Player of the Month Nominations

The nominations for ICC Women’s Player includes;

  1. Fatima Sana from Pakistan
  2. Hayley Matthews from West Indies
  3. Stephanie Taylor from West Indies

Pakistani Athlete Fatima Sana was the leading wicket-taker for Pakistan in the ODI series against the West Indies.

Pakistani Athlete Fatima Sana 

Fatima Sana, the Pakistani cricketer, has proved her skills and managed to get nominated by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the July Women’s Player of the Month award. Thus, it is a moment of pride for the nation. Also, Sana took her first five-wicket haul in WODIs, with 5/39.Pakistani Athlete Fatima Sana

Young cricketer, Fatima Sana is only 20years old, but yet success has no boundaries. Moreover, in Pakistan, many people have discouraged women’s Cricket. Pakistani cricketers and people have always pointed out to the women for not playing well at cricket fields. This is because they think girls are not made for cricket sort games. However, Karachi’s Fatima Sana has proved that, despite living in Pakistan, girls can play cricket and can get appreciated for that from the international border.

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