Pakistan wins Bodybuilding Championship against India

Pakistan wins bodybuilding championship against India is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below.

Pakistan wins Bodybuilding Championship against India

At the 54th Asian Bodybuilding Championship, Pakistan’s Shahzad Qureshi triumphed over India’s Naresh in the master-class 80kg+ division to claim gold. During the final round of the master class category, Shahzad, Umar of Uzbekistan, and Naresh of India competed against one another. It was decided that Shahzad’s positions were the best in the competition, hence he won first place and the gold medal. However, Pakistan’s Umar Shahzad took home silver in the junior 70 kg+ class.

Suresh Bala Kumar of India took first place, and Chingkhingganba Athokpam of Mongolia came in third. Umar released a video message of gratitude to the Pakistan Bodybuilding Federation (PBF) for allowing him to compete. Arsalan Baig, representing Pakistan, took bronze in the model and physique division.

Mudassar Khan won fifth place in the model and physique division, while Fazal Ilahi came in sixth in the master-class 80kg+ division and Mohammad Azeem won sixth place in the master-class 70kg+ division. The secretary of the PBF, Sohail Anwar, praised the bodybuilders present for their role in proudly flying the Pakistani flag.

Official Statement

“I am happy to win a gold medal for Pakistan,” said Shahzad in a video message.

“I worked really hard to reach this stage. When I was receiving the gold medal, Pakistan’s national anthem was playing; I can’t explain my feelings,” the bodybuilder added.

“I am glad that I won this medal for Pakistan. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifices behind me but Alhamdulillah this achievement has given me immense confidence,” he said.

“They [bodybuilders] deserve all the credit for this performance,” Anwar said.

“They put in a lot of hard work to reach here and win medals. We back our athletes and pray for their continuous performances. Congratulations Pakistan,” the secretary added.

Pakistan wins Bodybuilding Championship against India

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