Pakistan beat Australia for third ‘Over 40s Global Cup’ triumph

Pakistan beat Australia on Friday to win their third straight game at the Over 40s Global Cup, which is taking place in Karachi. In their third group stage match today, the Green Shirts played against Australia. After the Kangaroos were bowled out, the Green Shirts were set a target of 200 runs to reach. Hassan Raza, Tariq Haroon, and Mohammad Ilyas all made half-centuries to help the Men in Green beat the low goal.

Pakistan beat Australia for third ‘Over 40s Global Cup’ triumph

For the home team, Ilyas and Razam scored 59 runs, and Haroon added 56 runs. The Australian bowlers couldn’t do anything against Pakistan’s strong hitting line-up. The batters on the winning team had an unbreakable defense, so the guests couldn’t get through. The winning team reached the goal in the 43rd over.

Australia went first and got 199 runs on the board before Pakistan’s bowlers sent them all back to the stand. Steve Paulsen got the most runs for the visitors with 65. Tim Bott and Chris Dickson came in second and third with 30 and 23 runs, respectively. Pakistan’s Imran Ali was the player who took the most wickets for his team, with three, thanks to a great performance with the ball.

Kashif Siddique and Waqas Ali each took two wickets for Pakistan. It should be mentioned that earlier, Pakistan beat Nepal by a huge 248 runs, thanks to how well the Green Shirts did in every way. The home team scored a huge 384 runs in 45 overs. In response, the Nepal team could only score 134 runs in only 36.3 overs, which was way short of the goal. Before that, the Men in Green won an exciting game against the USA by just one wicket. There were some amazing plays in the game, but Pakistan’s Tassavur Abbas stood out as the winner.

Pakistan beat Australia for third 'Over 40s Global Cup' triumph

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