Olympic Gold Medalist | India Invested Rs100 Million on Training of Neeraj Chopra

Indian Sports invested Rs100 Million in the Training of Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra in the last four years. The Indian government and Neeraj Chopra strived a lot to get the best training so that Neeraj can bring pride to the nation. Henceforth, the efforts of the Indian Government and Olympic Gold Medalist, Neeraj Chopra, came true and he managed to get the gold for his nation at Tokyo Summer Olympic Jullian Games 2020, held in Japan 2021. 

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Olympic Gold Medalist | India Invested Rs100 Million

Some people believe that champions are born, however, some of them believe that champions are made with effort and dedication. Indeed, both cases are true. Champions are like plants. They are watered to grow and yield flowers. The more you take care of it.. the more they grow stronger. Similarly, athletes are like plants. They become champions and achieve things with the support of people and their very own dedication and effort.

Olympic Gold Medalist

Likewise, India believes in making their athletes champion by providing them all the required facilities and support utilizing money and resources. Based on this belief, the Indian government realized that Olympic Gold Medalist, Neeraj Chopra, can win pride and medals for the nation. Therefore, they supported and invested in Neeraj Chopra and got the fruit at Tokyo Olympic Jullian Games 2020.

To sum it up, the government spent INR48,539,638 on Neeraj for his training and overseas competitions for the 450 days. This led the athlete up to the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, held in Japan. Henceforth, Neeraj Chopra managed to bring the gold medal for his country and made everyone proud.

Neeraj’s Opponent Arshad Nadeem At Tokyo Olympics

Arshad Nadeem is a Pakistani Athlete who managed to secure the fifth position in the finals of the Tokyo Olympic Jullian Games 2020. However, it is worth mentioning that Arshad Nadeem had null support of Pakistani Sports Officials. He did not even have any place to practice neither he had the resources to manage it. Arshad Nadeem never had the access to even 5% of training, coaching, exposure, and financial assistance that was on offer for Chopra.

Neeraj Chopra Reacts To Arshad Nadeem

Time by time, Olympic Gold Medalist, Neeraj Chopra gave some statements for the Pakistani opponent, Arshad Nadeem.

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“I felt that it was wrong to indulge in India-Pakistan rhetoric here [in Tokyo] at the Olympics because all countries are here. It [the rivalry] is there in cricket because only 8-10 countries play the game. It’s fine.”

“His [Arshad Nadeem’s] performance was very good too. But he couldn’t win a medal. It would have been good if he too had won from an Asian country.”

“He congratulated me when we sat together on the bus. He was telling me about that photo from the Asian Games [which went viral] and he said that people in Pakistan equate us to Abdul Khaliq and Milkha Singh.”

“I told him that he is looking tagra (strong) in his national costume. He did well and I wished him all the best for the future.”

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