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Six6s App: Player Bonuses and Mobile Sports Betting

It would be an exaggeration to say that the release of Six6s app has created an unprecedented furore and was a revolutionary breakthrough. But it is a fact that the event was received with great enthusiasm by the Bangladeshi gaming community. Back then, many bettors immediately rushed to Six6s app download and take advantage of its rich functionality and great features. But since then, a lot of water has already flowed, the ranks of players have been enriched with numerous newcomers, for whom it is also not unreasonable to get acquainted with this platform more closely.

Opportunities Open to Players after Six6s App Download

By installing the app, users have access to the following features and benefits:

  • Full access to both the betting section and the entertainment library of the Six6s Casino app;
  • The fastest loading speed, instant updating of odds (this is especially useful for live betting), guaranteed lag-free;
  • Ability to enable notifications and receive up-to-date information about new Six6s app offers, promotions and other exciting events without having to search for it manually;
  • Full access to account management, including control over balance and financial transactions;
  • Live broadcasts of all major sporting events in good quality and absolutely free of charge;
  • The ability to receive and activate mobile bonuses available only to those players who Six6s app download and not featured on the platform’s official website and its mobile version.

And overall, the functionality of the Six6s app is the same as the website, just more convenient, frugal and faster.

Welcome and Other Six6s App Bonuses

Choosing between generosity and greed, the creators of Six6s Casino app opted for the first option and developed a very interesting system of bonus offers, aimed at both neophytes and those who Six6s app download have been around for a long time. 

Bonus for Sports Betting

The maximum bonus amount is 1666 BDT. The wagering period is three days, which is not too long, but the wager equal to 10 allows you to meet this deadline without much discomfort. 

Casino Bonus

Six6s Casino app has its own atmosphere, and it has its own bonus too – up to 66.66% on up to 666.6 BDT. The amount doesn’t look huge, but that’s not the point. The main attraction of this offer is the very low wager, which is only 5 (it’s strange that it’s not 6, given the Six6s app administration’s love for this figure). 

It is easy enough to wager the bonus only 5 times, at the moment it is one of the best options on the market, which stands out against the offers of other sites that set wager 20, 30, and even 45, making wagering virtually impossible. 

Bonus on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, a special programme randomly selects 16,666 sports bets and spins in the Six6s Casino app and doubles users’ winnings. 

Prize Draw

If you Six6s app download to bet regularly and a lot, you can accumulate a total turnover in LPL (120,000 BDT), The Hundred (170,000 BDT) or CPL (also 170,000 BDT) and take part in a draw for valuable prizes, including flagship smartphones, smart laptops and much more. 

Six6s app also holds a gift draw for those who have made deposits totalling BDT 10,000 or more. Here, iPhones, smart watches, AirPods and other Apple products are raffled off.

Free Bet

Once a week, a free bet of BDT 666 is available to players when they make a deposit of BDT 1,000 or more. The same freebet Six6s app gives away on Fridays to users who have bet 1,000 BDT or more on I-Sports, Six6s Sports or Exchange. Both of these offers are very lucrative as they can be wagered on just once.

Random Prize

Every time a player bets on Cricket Exchange, they have a not insignificant chance of winning a random gift that can be used not only for sports betting but also in the Six6s Casino app.

The total number of constantly running promotions exceeds 20 (if you include Six6s Casino app offers). It is important that there are constantly appearing and new products, do not miss them, so that you do not blame yourself for the lost chance and lost profits.


Betting real money on sports at Six6s app is completely legal, as the company only allows you to do it online without trying to open any land-based betting shops. This is fully in line with the current legal practice in Bangladesh today. Six6s app is filled with a lot of features that allow you to bet or play any game right after Six6s app download for Android or Apple gadgets. Everything you may need to play comfortably and profitably will always be at your fingertips, and this is one of those features that you should never turn down.

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