Michael Owen is Named as the Brand Ambassador for the Pakistan Football Premier League (PFL)

Global Soccer Ventures has named former England international Michael Owen as the league’s brand ambassador for the Pakistan Football Premier League (PFL). According to a press release issued by Global Soccer Ventures, the former Liverpool and Manchester United striker has signed a three-year deal. Under which he will visit Pakistan to attend the football masterclasses and the regular opening ceremony of the PFL.

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Michael Owen as the Pakistan Football league’s Brand Ambassador

Former England world-renowned footballer Michael Owen said that the launch of the Football Premier League in Pakistan could improve the game ‘ten times. The press release said that regarding the current state of football. Michael Owen admitted that football infrastructure in Pakistan is inferior. But holding the league will give confidence to the players.

Michael Owen

In an interview, Owen said that the holding of the league is believed to improve the game of football in Pakistan. He further added:

Pakistan’s football team does not have a perfect position in the FIFA rankings. but after the organization of the league in the next ten years will show signs of improvement”.

“We’re trying to do something big and different. You support your local football teams to make the game better,” said Michael Owen.

“I am a fan of cricket and watch it, but its place is not football but only to help increase its popularity in Pakistan,” Owen said.

“there is no doubt that if the league succeeds at the domestic level. it will have a significant impact on the international team. football in Pakistan will improve ten times in the coming years”.

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