Live score: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup 2023

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are playing in Colombo for the Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 match.

Live score: Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Asia Cup 2023

Score: Pakistan 252 points out of 7 (42.0 OVER)Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)252/8 (OVER 42.0)
Two runs from 2 Zaman to Charith Asalanka.41.5 4 Zaman says to Charith Asalanka: FOUR.41.4 W
Zaman says to Madushan, “Out!” Zaman has run out. Not a run.41.3
One Zaman said to Charith Asalanka, “One run.”41.2: No runs, Zaman to Charith Asalanka.41.1
From 1 Zaman to Madushan: legbye, 1 run.OVER: 4140.6
1 run from Afridi to Madushan.40.5 W Afridi to Wellalage: Out! Rizwan catches it. Not a run.40.4 W. Afridi to Dhananjaya de Silva: Wicket! Zaman catches it. Not a run.No runs, Afridi tells Dhananjaya de Silva.40.2: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: 1 run.40.1: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: 2 runs.OVER IS OVER: 4039.6 1 Zaman to Charith Asalanka: 1 run.Zaman to Charith Asalanka: FOUR.39.4; Charith Asalanka to Zaman: No runs.Zaman says to Charith Asalanka, “No runs.”39.2: 2 runs from Zaman to Charith Asalanka.39.1 Dhananjaya de Silva to 1 Zaman: 1 run.LAST CALL: 3938.6
“1 run,” said Afridi to Dhananjaya de Silva.38.5: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: 1 run.Afridi tells Charith Asalanka, “No runs.”38.3 Charith Asalanka to 4 Afridi: FOUR.38.2
“1 run,” said Afridi to Dhananjaya de Silva.38.1: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: 1 run.LAST CALL: 3837.6
Two runs from Ahmed to Dhananjaya de Silva.37.4 W Ahmed to Dasun Shanaka: Out! Nawaz caught it. Not a run.37.3
Charith Asalanka to Ahmed: 1 run.37.2
Two runs from Ahmed to Charith Asalanka.37.1: No runs, Ahmed to Charith Asalanka.OVER AND DONE: 3736.6
No runs, says Afridi to Dasun Shanaka.36.5: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: legbye, 1 run.No runs, Afridi tells Charith Asalanka.No runs, Afridi tells Charith Asalanka.36.2: 2 runs from Afridi to Charith Asalanka.36.2: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: 1 run; 36.2: Charith Asalanka to Afridi: no runs.OVER AND DONE: 3635.6
Charith Asalanka to Ahmed: 1 run.35.5:2 Ahmed to Charith Asalanka: Two runs.35.3 Charith Asalanka to Ahmed: 1 run. 35.2 Dasun Shanaka to Ahmed: 1 run.35.1 W Ahmed to Kusal Mendis: Wicket!, Haris caught it. Not a run.END OF OVER: 3534.6 no runs from Shadab to Charith Asalanka.34.4
0 Shadab to Kusal Mendis: No runs.34.2 From 1 Shadab to Charith Asalanka: 1 run.3433.6 6
Kusal Mendis to Ahmed: SIX.33.5
33.4 1 Ahmed to Kusal Mendis: 1 run. 1 Ahmed to Charith Asalanka: 1 run.


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