Here’s All You Need to know about Cricket and Football

There are one too many sports in the world. Some like cricket, while others prefer football. Also, just to be sure, football is known as soccer in South East Asia. However, it’s called football in other parts of the world.


Cricket is an extremely famous sport in South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. If you are from one of these countries and are not a fan of cricket, you would still be glued to the TV when it’s your country’s match. Cricket tends to bring out the patriotism within you.


Whereas football is all about your favorite club, such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, etc. Now, whether you like cricket or football, if you want to catch it live on your smartphone or TV, you need a speedy internet connection. For this very reason, we highly recommend Xfinity Internet.


You will be amazed at Xfinity’s unusually high data allowance. So, how different is cricket from football? What sort of tournaments do each of these sports have? Well, if you are curious to know about the differences between cricket and football, then you are at the right place.


In this article, we will be sharing the key differences between cricket and football. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will understand both cricket and football.

Sports Attire

Cricket and football both have different sporting attire. Cricket players tend to wear a collared shirt, with the option of long and short sleeves. This typically depends on the weather during the matches.


Moreover, they have to wear trousers and spiked closed shoes. They can also choose to wear a sun hat or wear a jumper over the shirt if it’s cold. Each country’s cricket team has different colors for their attire.


Football players, on the other hand, have the same option of wearing a long-sleeved or short-sleeve shirt. Alongside, they tend to wear shorts and studded shoes. The color of the attire has to be in contrast to their component teams, to make it easier for the public and them to identify one another.

Protective Gear

Both cricket and football players have to wear safety gear to minimize the risk of injury. When it comes to football, the ball is tested before the match, just so it isn’t hard enough to hurt any player, or it’s not too soft.


The goalkeeper is given special gloves and knee pads, that prevent any serious injury when catching the ball. Now, when it comes to cricket, the batsmen are the ones who have to wear protective gear on their legs, so that they don’t risk injuring their legs if they were to miss the ball.

Gameplay and Rules

Although both cricket and football require a ball to be played, the gameplay and rules are rather different.


Cricket is a simple bat-and-ball game. Both teams usually have 11 players. But, who decides which team is to ball or bat first? Well, at the start of each match, the empire makes a toss, and whichever team wins the toss, gets to choose whether to ball or bat first.


There will be two batsmen from the same team and one baller from the opponent team. The batsmen will try to make as many runs as possible once they hit the ball. There are two boundaries, four and six. The team would have earned four or six runs if the ball touched them.


However, if the fielder manages to catch the ball, the batsman will be out of the match. The same thing applies if the ballers hit the wickets behind the batsman. Whichever team has the greatest number of runs made, wins the game.


Football, on the other hand, is much simpler. In football, each player has a specific position – goalkeeper, defender, mid-fielder, and attacker. The midfielder is often known as the playmaker for the game.


That is because this position requires the player to both attack and defend. There are various football techniques that the players need to practice and excel in. Each team has 11 players, and it’s crucial for all of them to have fitness and physical stamina, as football requires a great amount of running.


If by the end of the game, both teams have scored the same number of goals, there will be free penalties to determine which team won.

All in All

In all honesty, it’s not impossible to understand how cricket and football are different from one another. The gameplay for cricket is infinitely more difficult to understand, but if you were to watch a match after reading this article, you would have a much better understanding.


Football is still pretty much straightforward, but now you will be able to differentiate the various player positions much more easily.

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Chris Michael
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