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Handball is still one of the most popular sports in the UK – alongside football and tennis. Although its popularity has declined somewhat in recent years, thousands of spectators still flock to the men’s and women’s handball halls every week. The enthusiasm for handball naturally also has an impact on the sports betting world. Non GamStop bookmakers in particular now attach great importance to handball bets; they have become an integral part of the daily program. You can find out what you should consider when placing your bets on handball games in the following article.

Handball is undoubtedly one of the top 5 sports among non GamStop betting sites. Although indoor sports cannot compete with the king of football, most non GamStop betting sites still have a rich and varied handball betting portfolio, which we would like to go into in more detail below.

Which Handball Competitions Do the Non GamStop Bookmakers Offer?

Non GamStop bookmakers on the Internet prefer to focus on domestic competitions. Behind the UK are Spain and France. In both countries, however, it should be noted that the overall level of the leagues is significantly weaker. Although there are outstanding teams like FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain, which also dominate the European scene, there is hardly any competition for these teams nationally.

The Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway and Iceland are also very extensively represented in handball betting, not least because of the strong women’s teams. The competitions in the Balkans, i.e. in Serbia or Croatia, are hardly less popular. The leagues in Austria, Romania or the Czech Republic are more part of the non GamStop bookies’ range of offerings.

The international competitions should not be forgotten. A Champions League and a CHpa Cup are also played in handball.

What Handball Bets Are There Exactly?

Below we would like to introduce the specific handball bets in more detail, because the betting markets in this area have some special features. Basically, you should be aware that a draw in handball is extremely unlikely. But if it happens, the odds are of course fantastic – more on that later.

Match Bets

Basically, you can bet on any match in the normal 3-way betting market, i.e. win, draw or defeat. The best bookmakers in the scene also place around 30 special bets per game. At this point it is usually about different handicap versions as well as the goals over/under options for the half-time or overall result.

Long-term Bets

The long-term area is completely ignored by some non GamStop betting sites. With a few non GamStop betting sites you can at least bet on the upcoming champions and cup winners in the top leagues. There are also long second bets on world champions, CHFpa champions and the Champions League winner.

What Betting Odds Are Offered for Handball Betting at Non GamStop Betting Sites?

In the majority of handball leagues, betting enthusiasts have to “struggle” a bit with the betting odds. In most matches there is a clear favorite on the floor, so that sometimes very low odds can be expected. It is not uncommon for the offers to even be below 1.1 for the absolute top teams. On the other hand, this fact obviously results in extremely good outsider chances.

The “poor” favorite odds can be compensated for a little with appropriate handball handicap bets. And then of course there is always the option of using a handball bet on a clear favorite as a safe bet for a combination bet.

A Possible Handball Strategy – Draw

A very good handball betting strategy can be betting on a draw. A draw in the top leagues usually has a betting odds of 9.0 to 12.0. The numbers clearly show that with this strategy, a draw on a match day is enough to end up slightly in the black.

There are definitely some sports betting users who have ended up in the long term with handball bets in this way.

Of course, it should be noted at this point that there are only 14 teams, so there are only seven games per match day. This reduces the likelihood of a draw, as does the fact that the performance density is not as high as that of the men.

Conclusion: Handball Betting at Non GamStop Betting Sites – It’s Better to Look Twice at the Odds

When it comes to handball betting, the old sports betting rule that you should keep an eye on the odds is particularly important. You should always ask yourself whether it is worth betting even if the favorite odds are very low. In our experience, handball bets are very suitable for topping up combination or system bets “risk-free”.

You should also keep in mind that home advantage can make a huge difference in handball – even more so than in football. Some outsiders can grow beyond themselves in their own hall and in a tight, heated atmosphere and trip up even supposedly superior teams.

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