England’s cricketer David Willey appreciates Pakistan

In an exclusive interview, England’s white-ball cricketer David Willey “great place for cricket.” Read out the complete details down below with us!

England’s cricketer David Willey appreciates Pakistan

“I was a little bit nervous before I came. But everything is as we were told it would be. The security has been fantastic. We’ve been looked after exceptionally well. And the cricket is brilliant,” he said.

“There’s no question about the passion and love for cricket in this part of the world. It’s a great place to come and play cricket and it’s brilliant. So, let’s hope it stays that way and cricket can go on and there can be more great matches,” the England cricketer said.

“We’ve got Moeen Ali and Rasheed who played for England and spoke very highly of Pakistan. So, I sort of had a good idea what I was coming to,” he said.

England’s cricketer David Willey appreciates Pakistan

“It’s unfortunate that we are stuck in a hotel with the COVID-19 bubble. But it’s a great place. The passion for cricket is exceptional and we’ve been looked after really well and overall it’s been a great experience so far,” Willey said.

“I’ve not been out here before, but I’ve watched it on television previously and the standard is exceptionally high. I think that the most noticeable thing is the battery of the fast bowlers that you have here. It’s exceptional. I think the number of teams is perfect to keep that standard and competition really high. And you only have to look at the benches of some of the teams to see the quality that’s still left to come in,” he said.

“He is very jolly and is a brilliant character, full of energy. The energy that he brings to the group is second to none. He is a great person to have in your team, not only from a cricket perspective but from a personality point of view as well,” he said.

“My personal goals are to be part of a title trophy-winning side. And if I can contribute, in whatever way I need to, if my contributions can lead to success, that’s more important for me,” he said.

“As I grew up, coming through the age-group cricket, there was a lot of scrutiny from other people that I was only in the side because of who my dad was. And that is challenging, particularly when you’re a young boy,” he said.

Willey also said: “[When] I started playing professional cricket, my father wanted me to have my own career and not be in the shadow of his. So, I think with time that that is as sort of gone.”

“But at the same time, I had the best advice and best sounding board — that is to be able to talk to my dad and listen to him about the game. So, in some ways, it was difficult. And in contrast, it was a blessing as well.”

“I was part of that one-day squad for four years leading up to that World Cup, and I was the one to miss out at the last minute for Jofra to come in. So, I think that could have gone two ways I could have been very bitter about it. But I’ve been a part of that group and I was absolutely elated for them to go on and win the World Cup,” he said.

“Obviously, I was disappointed. But at the same time, I think the amount of pressure for sort of 12 months leading up to that. There’s been a lot of talk that somebody was going to miss out Jofra and I knew it might have been me as I wasn’t playing my best cricket,” he expressed. “I wasn’t performing on the field, I couldn’t say it wasn’t fair or whatever like that but actually I wasn’t playing very well so I didn’t deserve a place in that squad,” he said.

“As much as it was disappointing, it was a relief that you know the decision had been made and it was done. I was delighted for the boys that played and were a part of that World Cup squad, and disappointed because I dreamt about playing in a World Cup on my home soil,” he recalled.

“I would love to continue playing for England. I would love to win a World Cup. I would love to play franchise cricket and win trophies. And I feel the best way for me to do that is to continue enjoying my cricket. I don’t have that pressure on myself to be part of squads. I just want to enjoy playing cricket and I think my performances were will reflect my enjoyment,” he concluded.

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