Dani Alves is finally back!

Dani Alves is finally back in action. The 38 years old player is now going to play for Sao Paulo. He is happy to play at his home ground. He is having a great history overall. His physical capabilities are awesome and he can cope up with anything that comes into his way.

He has already spent 8 years in Nou Camp. Moreover, he seemed to be quite upset on the breaking bond of Messi and Catalans. He further stated that no matter what happens but Messi will always be Messi and similarly Barca is going to have that charm of Barca though there will be less spark.

Dani Alves is also quite motivated due to Messi and Messi himself is an inspiration for every football player. Alves mentioned that Messi has given a lot to Barca and surely everybody is going to miss him.

So we highly appreciate the concerns of Alves but what Messi has done might be good for him in some way or another. It is because we all can take our decisions. We just like to wish both of the players best of luck for their future.

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