Cummins’ funny response to Pakistan’s outrageous ‘played better’ boast

After claiming the Urn despite England’s ‘moral victory’ in The Ashes, Australian skipper Pat Cummins was surprised to hear Pakistan won a Boxing Day Test. After criticising the MCG officiating, Pakistan’s team director Mohammad Hafeez said they outplayed “the other team” despite losing by 79 runs.

The Boxing Day Test man of the match smiled and said, “Ahhhh. Cool. They played well. I’m delighted we won.”Cummins’ successful review to dismiss Mohammad Rizwan in the dying innings of the Test on Friday sparked controversy about the Decision Review System.

Hafeez called the officiating unreliable and DRS technology a “curse” on cricket after Pakistan probably had four umpiring decisions go against them during the Test. However, dropped catches were also crucial, with David Warner in the first innings and Mitch Marsh in the second innings adding 112 runs after Abdullah Shafique dropped opportunities at first slip.

Cummins’ funny response to Pakistan’s outrageous ‘played better’ boast

Cummins acknowledged the decision-making process was not always ideal, but said a balance was reached in every game regardless of umpire calls.

“We disagree with that assessment. The DRS system, umpiring, and everything else are not ideal. Some favour you. Some don’t,” he said.

Several umpire calls affected both sides. It’s game. I suppose everything balances out. I think this game was 50-50. We had no major concerns.” Cummins was sure Rizwan was out when he heard a sound, having taken important wickets whenever Pakistan had momentum.

I decided to try a couple bounces because he was playing good around the stumps. Set fields. Ask him to take it on.” According to Cummins. “That one shot through. I heard something glove-like, so I thought it was worth a review. Clearly off the glove strap.”

Cummins was crucial in winning the Boxing Day Test and the Benaud Qadir Trophy for Australia, despite some questionable decisions. After Rizwan was dismissed, Cummins took his 250th Test wicket with ten wickets. He also passed Richie Benaud to become Australia’s 10th-best wicket-taker earlier in the day.

Cummins, who took five wickets in both innings, said the series win against Pakistan was a good way to end a fantastic year that included the ODI World Cup win in India. My happiness stems from several factors. Cummins stated the main reason was that it was his greatest bowling performance in a while.

“My rhythm felt great. My pace felt good. I knew my wrist. I controlled the seam. My bounces were good. I was pleased with my bowling.

Cummins' funny response to Pakistan's outrageous ‘played better’ boast



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