Babar Azam wants the ICC to reconsider COVID-19 procedures.

Babar Azam wants the ICC to reconsider COVID-19 procedures is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below with us!

Babar Azam wants the ICC to reconsider COVID-19 procedures

The Pakistan cricket team’s captain, Babar Azam, has requested that the International Cricket Council (ICC) reconsider its COVID-19-related policies. As of matter of the fact that the situation has “returned to normal.” During COVID-19, bowlers faced a very difficult scenario, according to the captain.

“We have had various obstacles as a result of COVID-19. But things are slowly returning to normal. And now is the time to assess our success throughout the pandemic. As well as our future objectives,” he stated.

According to Babar Azam, each nation is in a unique position because each has its own policy that must be followed. As a result, he argued that each country faced its own set of challenges. According to him, the group was subjected to a weekly quarantine in the West Indies. Also a five-day quarantine in England. Plus a 14-day quarantine in New Zealand after the country reported many positive cases, including those from the West Indies. So, he stated that the players that gave their all. As it did not disappoint deserve to be recognized. As a captain and match-winner, he noted that the bowlers deserve the most credit for overcoming COVID-19-related challenges. Saliva is required to polish the ball and make it swing. However, bowlers were unable to use this technique. He stated, adding that sweat does not provide the same level of sheen as saliva.

Babar Azam wants the ICC to reconsider COVID-19 procedures.

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