Are pro-Palestine banners at PSL 9 matches banned in Pakistan?

Pakistan has taken a cautious approach since the beginning of the Gaza war, and spectators are no longer permitted to bring pro-Palestine banners or Palestinian flags into stadiums for Pakistan Super League season 9 matches. According to Dawn, a girl was prevented from bringing pro-Palestine flags to the Pakistan Super League match at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium by security personnel.

Are pro-Palestine banners at PSL 9 matches banned in Pakistan?

In a social media post, the girl described his ordeal, claiming that security agents treated her as if she was carrying a weapon. She remarked that banners reading “Palestine Will Be Free” are not permitted inside the stadium. She stated that the stadium security personnel did their jobs by implementing the terms and conditions mentioned behind.

The security personnel told the girl to leave the banner with a political message in order to attend the game. The girl sharing her ordeal said those banners calling for free Palestine were said to be ‚Äúcontroversial and politically motivated‚ÄĚ.

She stated the stadium security officers did their duty by implementing the rules and limitations stated on PSL tickets. She also provided information about PSL tickets, indicating that posters, banners, or placards depicting religious, political, or racial prejudice in the form of text or images are not permitted.

Following the recent incident, the PCB’s and the interim government’s positions on the issue remain unclear. Fans are curious, however, as to why spectators are not permitted to show a message seen to be a humanitarian appeal. Pakistan and the Muslim world have vehemently condemned the targeting of people in Gaza, which has been heavily bombarded by Israel with no end in sight to the carnage.

Are pro-Palestine banners at PSL 9 matches banned in Pakistan?


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