WWE Universe Reacts to Bobby Lashley Becoming the New WWE Champion on Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw: March 1, 2021, brought to the WWE Universe a new WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley.

In under a month, the WWE Championship belt has changed hands twice. To start with, The Miz got it from Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber 2021 by trading in for spendable dough his Money in the Bank contract. Furthermore, presently, Bobby Lashley took it from The Miz on Raw.

WWE named this success as the start of the ‘Omnipotent Era’.

Going to the fans, they’re delighted with the success. 99% of the fanbase are enchanted with Lashley winning the title. The other 1% has effectively proceeded onward to the following chance of the title evolving hands, i.e., Bobby Lashley versus Brock Lesnar.

The Miz attempted to try not to battle Bobby Lashley

The Miz needed to hold the title by snare or by hoodlum.

His first endeavor was to retreat from the match by attempting to persuade WWE that Lashley wouldn’t be a fit hero on the Road to WrestleMania. A returning Shane McMahon educated Miz that on the off chance that he didn’t participate in the match, he would need to relinquish the title.

At the point when that didn’t work, the previous WWE Champion applied another procedure. He endeavored to get precluded to keep the title. Lamentably for him, The Almighty One guaranteed that he kept Miz inside the ring.

Shane McMahon at that point declared that the hero and the challenger would go head to head in a logger match.

In this way, Lashley put The Miz inside a blend of loggers, every one of whom needed to dispense serious torment on him. Following that, Lashley put him in his scandalous ‘The Hurt Lock,’ which constrained Miz to tap out.

Bobby Lashley got the title by means of accommodation.

Bobby Lashley’s past title run

Up until Elimination Chamber, Lashley was the WWE United States Champion. He shielded the title against John Morrison and Matt Riddle.

He lost the title to Riddle, despite the fact that neither Morrison nor Riddle could really put him down. Conundrum got the title subsequent to sticking John Morrison.

At the point when Lashley lost the title to Riddle, the WWE Universe understood the organization was making inestimable arrangements for him for the impending WrestleMania. Be that as it may, no one anticipated what it would be, given WWE’s flightiness.

Without a doubt, as the new WWE Champion, Lashley will rule Monday Night Raw. Nonetheless, he should confront a plenty of challengers, potentially including Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre.

By and by, The Almighty One will monitor and shield the title energetically!

What do you feel about Bobby Lashley turning into the WWE Champion? Tell us in the remarks underneath.

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