Will PM Imran Khan watch the Pakistan-Australia Test match in person?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently said that he will not be able to come and watch the Pakistan-Australia Test match in person. He stated that watching cricket is not that he can do due to the responsibilities of his nation on his shoulders.

PM Imran Khan said: “Unfortunately, my days of watching cricket, for the time being, are over.”

PM Imran Khan said: “The issue was about security and our government has improved the overall security within the country. The Australian team is being given Presidential-level security and our people have been waiting with excitement for this series.

“Apart from the dead pitches, nothing can dampen the cricket fans’ excitement.”

“I am unable to watch. I follow the matches in the papers. Unless the pitches are more responsive we won’t see results,” he added.

Will PM Imran Khan watch the Pakistan-Australia Test match in person?

“Looking forward to seeing Pat Cummins, Steve Smith, Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi perform during the tour”.

“India right now has a racist Hindutva regime preaching racial superiority and hatred for minorities, especially Muslims,” the prime minister said.

“So, there is no forward movement in our relations, and cricket is also affected — has become collateral damage,” he said about a possible Indo-Pak bilateral series.

“Theoretically, fast bowlers should make better captains. A good captain must have the ability to judge when to use a particular bowler when to change the bowler and assess the field placings accordingly. Fast bowlers have an edge in making these assessments.”

Gulfishaa Avaan
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