Unhappy Pakistan fans question Rizwan’s second Test dismissal

Mohammad Rizwan, a wicketkeeper-batsman for Pakistan, was controversially out in the second Test against Australia. Unhappy Pakistan fans question Rizwan’s second Test dismissal. Fans were upset and questioned the umpire’s ruling on Friday.

Unhappy Pakistan fans question Rizwan’s second Test dismissal

It wasn’t out when Australia’s captain Pat Cummins asked for a caught behind in the 61st over of Pakistan’s second test. But Cummins didn’t agree with the choice and asked for it to be looked at again because he thought Rizwan might have messed up.

After looking at the appeal from different points of view, the third umpire decided that there was a spike as the ball went past the wristband. This meant that the on-field umpire had to change his ruling. But there was no mark on the hotspot because Rizwan turned away from the ball at the last second.

Rizwan went back to the hut in shock because he was sure he hadn’t missed anything. During the second Test in Melbourne, Rizwan was sent back to the dugout with 35 runs on the board. Let’s see what his friends have said about being fired.

Unhappy Pakistan fans question Rizwan's second Test dismissal

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