Thomas Tuchel has got some regrets

It seems that Thomas Tuchel is regretting something regarding Tammy Abraham. Well let’s throw some light on this matter. The thing is that Tuchel has replaced Abraham with Frank Lampard. However, later he regretted his decision. He was seen saying that Tammy is a good player and he has done a lot of practice in the meantime.

Thomas Tuchel has also confessed that he has ignored Tammy. Though Tammy was a good player but he failed to recognize his actual potential. There were many other players with Tammy and I ignored him well that was my mistake said Tuchel.

However, now everything is in the hands of Tammy according to Tuchel that whether he wants to stay with his team or want to change the club. Moreover, Tammy is also available for the training which means that in the near future his chances are quite bright. Thomas Tuchel was also seen avoiding giving hints that can reveal what will happen in the future. He clearly said that right now he can’t announce anything since he was also in a press conference.

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