The Word Batsman Will Not Be Used For Batsman Now

The Word Batsman Will Not Be Used For Batsman Now. It is a recent news by ICC! Read out the complete details down below with us!

The Words Batsman Will Not Be Used For Batsman

The Words Batsman Will Not Be Used For Batsman Now and a new word, ”Batter” has been added to the dictionary. Thus the replacement of this word is due to eliminating the gender descrimination. Also, when the women play cricket, calling the batsman does not sounds appropriate. Therefore, a person who will be batting, will be called as BATTER from now onwards! This new change has been appreciated all over the world.

Official Statements

“The ICC has been utilizing the term batter for some time now across our channels. in commentary and we welcome the MCC’s decision to implement it into the Laws of cricket . It  will follow suit with our playing conditions that are derived from the Laws,” said ICC acting CEO Geoff Allardice.

“This is a natural and perhaps overdue evolution of our sport. now our batters are gender-neutral in the same way as bowlers, fielders, and wicket keepers!

“It’s a small change, but one that I hope will have a significant impact on cricket being viewed as a more inclusive sport.”

“Why not take a small step to ensure we’re a sport . It doesn’t exclude 50% of the world’s population with outdated language choices,” Allardice said.

“Whilst some may have made lots of noise against this common-sense change. Also the majority of people within the game have welcomed the move.” 


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