Statement of New Zealand Cricket Board Regarding Postponing the ODI Series


Everyone was very sad about the cancellation of the Pakistan tour. The ODI series has been delayed, and the reason given by the New Zealand cricket board is the security of the players. It is assured to them that Pakistan is safe and there is no security threat, but the cricket board is firm on its decision.

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Statement of New Zealand Cricket Board Concerning ODI Series

According to a statement issued by the New Zealand Cricket Board, the government decided to increase the threat level on Pakistan and on the advice of security advisers on the ground that the Black Caps would not continue the tour. Arrangements are now being made for the team’s repatriation.

New Zealand cricket board

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White said:

“It was not possible to continue the tour after receiving the advice. I think it is detrimental to the PCB but the safety of the players is important and this is a reasonable option.”

Heath Mills, chief executive of the New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association, echoed David White’s statement:

“We are involved and fully support the decision. The players are in good hands, they are safe and everyone One is working in its best interests. ”

Due to the cancellation of the series, spectators were not allowed to enter the stadium. The players from both the Pakistan and New Zealand teams were also instructed to stay at the hotel. Fans have expressed frustration over the cancellation of the series. According to PCB officials, strict security arrangements were made for the series which would run from September 17 to 21.

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