T20I Series 2021 | Sri Lanka Weakened India’s Batting


During T20I Series 2021, India ended the schedule in the second T20 match amidst many uncertainties. Head Coach Rahul Dravid knew the situation regularly. India had some available players to choose from. They were trained on the assumption that the series would continue. However, the end of the series was expected in the late decision of the match.

Sri Lanka Weakened India’s Batting | T20I Series 2021

He added five net bowlers to keep the options open. But the team was eliminated in the final XI with four new players and only five recognized batters. In this forced batting imbalance, Sri Lanka took its first leap towards a series draw.

Dawson Shinaka could hardly hide his joy in winning another toss, and the team that came to bat first made three first-timers in their first five. Moreover, Bhuvneshwar Kumar finished sixth with 23 runs in 10 Twenty20 innings.

Mickey Arthur Statement

“We knew India had five batsmen, so we knew they couldn’t go too hard and lose their wickets,” Sri Lankan head coach Mickey Arthur later told the broadcasters.

Arthur added: “We knew that if we bowled well, India would not be in a difficult position until they got themselves in a four-over place, and we knew we had a target. We can follow. ”

Indian Batting | T20I Series 2021

Inadequate batting in India during T20I Series 2021 has already added a strong sense of caution to their approach, while they have suffered further defeats. However, the problematic level used at the R. Premadasa Stadium turned out to be much better than the Sri Lankan spinners three days ago in the first T20 match.

Natural Gaikwad took the initial deception from Danjania alone to calm his first nerves so that he could get out of the extra cover. But when the pacer tried to change the pace, and the ball stopped on the pitch, the batting flow ended for the batsmen of Maharashtra and CSK.

Sri Lanka Batting | T20I Series 2021

Sri Lanka also made the ground through a favorable match-up, which included an extra off-spinner against the top order, including three left-handers. However, while two of them – Dhawan and Devot Pedakkal – were trying to rebuild quickly, Dasan Shinaka threw two such bowlers – Ramesh Mendis and Dhanjaya de Silva.

| T20I Series 2021

Even at the venue, despite the extended square boundaries, there were two ways to break the deadlock for Dhawan and Padkal, Slope Swap and Reverse Hit. The two separate periods of drought over the last 20 shipments highlighted India’s struggle and the need for Dhawan to strive for independence constantly.

Once Dhawan tried to edit, the burden of a respectable finish fell on the shoulders of Sanjoo Samson, who has the most T20 (and T20) experience in the batting line-up since his captaincy. Brought But Danajaya immediately changed the stumps and bowled his leg-spin while Shanaka also brought back Wando Hasranga to keep Samson in his tracks.

Before Samson’s passive and temporary behavior dominated the pair of leg-spin on 12 balls, he gave Dunnigia in charge and went through half a tracker’s hand to hit his stumps.


India got 100/3 in 16 overs and still got a chance to turn Sri Lanka’s pace into dust by cashing in the death overs. But Samson’s dismissal in the 17th revealed a lack of batting, as he eventually piled up 132/5. He even needed a 14-run penalty, five of which were wide.

Although the Indian spinners resisted the excitement and denied pegging at the Sri Lankan level, so, there should be a cautious attitude for the visitors. They now have less than 24 hours to reshape their plans and find a quick, reliable fix to avoid an unexpected series of defeats.

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