Sri Lanka Imposed Lockdown | Pak vs Afg ODI Series In Danger

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, Sri Lanka has imposed the lockdown. Due to this sudden decision, we are expecting a delay in the most awaited Pak Vs Afg ODI series. It is still not confirmed but according to the rumors the series may also cancel.

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Sri Lanka Imposed Lockdown!

Covid-19 has disturbed everything again. The pandemic seems like it is going no where! Once again it has influenced the cricket schedules. Therefore, this has create a situation of fuss among the fans and the crickters. The T20 ODI series is in peril of getting canceled! It is not confirmed by the authorities but the situation is calling for postponing matches. The reason behind this postponding of series is the increase in number of covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka. Therefore, Sri Lankan’s Government has no chance except imposing Lockdown in the country. Fans are really disapppointed and upset with the news. Rescheduling in the series has been pridicted. Now we will see what will happen! However, anything can be pridicted.

Pak vs Afg

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