Sindhu Qualifies for Semi-Finals | Tokyo Olympics

PV Sindhu, an Indian Badminton Player, qualifies for semi-finals at Women Single Badminton Games of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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Sindhu Beats Yamaguchi | Qualifies for Semi-Finals 

Pv Sindhu, proud of India, has made her entry to the semi-final at Women’s Single Badminton Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. The quarterfinals were fought between Sindhu and Yamaguchi. However, Akane Yamaguchi of Japan, lost the game to PV Sindhu of India in straight sets of  (21-13, 22-20). This match was played at Musashino Forest Plaza Crt 1 in Chōfu, Tokyo.

PV Sindhu Statement After Winning The Match

As observed by the judges and viewers, PV Sindhu played the first round quite well. But later on, the viewers perceived a rapid decline in her second round. However, PV’s coach directed her about her tactics and advised her to switch her strategy. Therefore, she realized it at the very right moment and won the third round. This led her to straight entry to Semi-Finals, at Tokyo Olympics. She felt obliged to her coach for guiding her at the right moment.

After the match, she stated to the media,

“I started off well in the first game but around 15-16,  I gave a couple of points because I was rushing in my defense. My coach was telling me that I was playing the wrong way and I realized that and I immediately changed my tactics and completed the first game.”

PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu-Ying | Semi-finals | Tokyo Olympics 2020

Sindhu Qualifies for Semi-Finals
Sindhu Vs Tai Tzu-Ying Semi-Finals

PV Sindhu is going to face Tai Tzu-Ying of China in the Semi-finals of women’s single badminton games at the Tokyo Olympics. This is going to be a tough match for Sindhu. The reason for this point is that Tai Tzu-Ying is the current World’s No.1 women single badminton player. Also, it will be very hard for PV Sindhu to beat Tai Tzu-Ying. The semi-final is scheduled for Saturday, 31st of July, 2021. The exact start time of the women’s semifinals has not been confirmed.

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