Rizwan: Pakistan ‘deserves’ criticism after T20 World Cup failure

Opening batter Mohammad Rizwan admitted Tuesday that Pakistan deserved criticism for its poor T20 World Cup 2024 performance. After the awful show, we deserve criticism. The right-handed batsman told Peshawar media that those who can’t take criticism can’t succeed.

Rizwan: Pakistan ‘deserves’ criticism after T20 World Cup failure

A team’s loss had no single cause, he claimed. He claimed various “weaknesses” caused Pakistan’s early tournament elimination. Pakistan was criticized by fans, experts, and players for exiting the T20 World Cup at the group stage after losing to minnows US.

Rizwan also felt bad for the team mates for not achieving national goals. After the T20 World Cup meltdown, the Green Shirts could not claim good batting and bowling, he added. He denied favoritism in the team because they all played for the green flag.

The right-handed batter responded to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Mohsin Naqvi’s call for “major surgery” in the team by saying, “When you get ill, you get surgery.” It’s his prerogative to be board chairman. Keeping or losing people is his choice.”

Rizwan: Pakistan 'deserves' criticism after T20 World Cup failure.

Gulfishaa Avaan
Gulfishaa Avaan
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