Ramiz Raja Wants Results From Aqib Javed


Ramiz Raja is the newly made chairman of the Pakistan cricket board. Recently, it was stated that he wants Aqib javed to put his complete potential for the welfare of Pakistan cricket. Ramiz Raja Wants Results From Aqib Javed is news of the day!

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Ramiz Raja Wants Results From Aqib Javed

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja needs results from Lahore Qalandars, Director of Cricket Aqib, so that cricket can get into a better state. Thus the new chairman is facing many hurdles because, in no time, the Pakistan cricket team will be appearing in the ICC men’s t20 Worldcup in UAE. He is quite stressed and wondering about making things better. Therefore, the chairman is making rapid changes and pressuring the officials to control the situations by tackling and dealing with all the obstacles the cricketers themselves are facing. Let us wait for the fate of the cricket team of Pakistan. Also, fans have crossed their fingers, and officials are doing their work for sure. Ramiz Raja Wants Results From Aqib Javed has taken the internet by storm.

Ramiz Raja


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