Ramiz Raja seeks good relations with PM Shehbaz after IK boycotts

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Ramiz Raja seeks good relations with PM Shehbaz after IK boycotts

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja says he will keep in touch with Shahbaz Sharif even if Imran Khan “cut him off.” Raja said Khan stopped talking to him after he was no longer prime minister. Raja maintained a respectful relationship with the PCB patron-in-chief despite rumors of expulsion. Shehbaz met with former PCB head Khalid Mahmood recently. The meeting’s main topic was PCB leadership.

Raja further stated that the Board of Governors has fixed the PCB’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year at Rs15 billion (BoG). He claims that the chairman’s pet project—the Pakistan Junior League (PJL)—will take up 78 percent of the organization’s budget. In addition to talking about central contracts following BoG approval, the chairman addressed a few other things. Pakistan will host both the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 and the ACC 50-over Asia Cup in 2023, and the Board of Governors approved funding for infrastructure and stadium upgrades, such as floodlights, replay screens, player dressing rooms, and new seats for spectators, as part of the operational budget.

A training allowance for lower-level employees to aid with the cost of their children’s schooling was approved by the Board of Governors as part of the company’s social duty to its employees.

Official Statements

“We can’t live in the midst of rumors; I believe there is a need for continuity apart from political differences,” he said.

“See, our prime minister is our patron-in-chief. We have requested his time, and if he meets with us, we will tell him about our work. I don’t think there is any need for ego here because, in the end, we all want to uplift cricket,” Ramiz Raja explained.

“If there is anything in the constitution about removing the PCB chairman every time, go ahead with it. Otherwise, satisfying individual desires will not benefit the game.”

“The ball is in his [PM Shehbaz’s] court,” the PCB chief concluded.

“Saurav Ganguly invited me to watch two consecutive IPL finals,” Raja explained. “But I decided not to go because of the emotional connection between our fans and the political situation. Cricket-wise, it made sense to go, but things will take time to change,” he persisted.

IPL Invitation

Saurav Ganguly of the BCCI told Raja that he should watch the IPL final twice, according to Raja. Last year, the second half of the IPL was held in the UAE because COVID-19 was getting worse in India. This year, however, all of the IPL games were held in India. Raja says at least that he was invited to both finals. Pakistani players haven’t been able to play in the IPL since the second season. In the first season of the league, there were not many international players.

Ramiz Raja seeks good relations with PM Shehbaz after IK boycotts

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