Ramiz Raja In Action | “All of us will have to work to justify our positions,” says PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja is the new chairman of PCB, Pakistan cricket board. It is seen that he is trying to bring changes to the cricket of Pakistan. Ramiz Raja In Action is the news of the day.

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Ramiz Raja In Action | Official Statements

Ramiz Raja is trying well enough to get all the things better and settled at the cricket of Pakistan. He made numerous changes and took controversial decisions but now he has put forward a new statement. He has suggested the officials and employees of the Pakistan cricket board PCB cut the costs/ expenses together with the huge amount of salaries that are being consumed for no reason! Many of the officials, employees, and people are disagreeing and backlashing him however, it is a bit controversial for sure! Let us see what comes next!

“All of us will have to work to justify our positions,” said Ramiz in his address to PCB directors, lower management, and ground staff members at the meeting.

“We have to cut the expenses of the board. Have one cup of tea instead of two, use the air conditioner less and turn off the lights when you leave your offices,” said the PCB chairman.

“If our team does not become the number one team in the world, there is no reason for all of us to stay here,” he said. “We have to work to justify our presence here.”

Ramiz Raja In Action


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