PHF officials visit Birmingham, despite Pakistan hockey’s financial turmoil,

PHF officials visit Birmingham, despite Pakistan hockey’s financial turmoil is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below.

PHF officials visit Birmingham, despite Pakistan hockey’s financial turmoil

Earlier this month, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) fired high-level PHF officials, including Khokhar. After a while, Khokhar took back control of the ad hoc committee that PSB had set up to set up elections. It was within 30 days of the original appointment. The PHF set election dates for August 5–20. But hockey experts think these dates are just for “selection.” On the other hand, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has not looked into the mistake at the Asia Cup 2022 that cost Pakistan a spot at the Hockey World Cup 2023.

It has been found out that Khawaja Junaid, who used to be the manager of the Pakistan team, didn’t know about the FIH rule that made a goal against Japan not count. India beat Indonesia by a score of 16-0. As a result, Pakistan lost by a score of 3-2 and was kicked out of the World Cup. The PHF then started pointing fingers at each other, which led to the formation of a committee to look into the problem. Olympian Kaleemullah was in charge of a three-person investigation commission. Nasir Ali and Zahir Shah, the president of the KPK Hockey Association, were both on the commission.

Asif Bajwa’s rumoured forced resignation earlier this month and Junaid’s resignation soon after the Asia Cup made it necessary to form this committee. Haider Hussain is the secretary of the Karachi Hockey Association (KHA). He is also the acting secretary general of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). Haider is well-liked in the hockey world because he worked hard to improve the national game in Karachi. Khokhar’s return from the UK will help decide the future of PHF, but it looks like he won’t be there for long.

PHF officials visit Birmingham, despite Pakistan hockey's financial turmoil,

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