PCB Chief Ramiz Raja to be replaced by PML-N

Rana Mashood, a senior PML-N leader, has reportedly stated that the current government will replace Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja when more pressing issues are resolved. So, PCB Chief Ramiz Raja to be replaced by PML-N is news of the day. Read out the complete details down below with us!

PCB Chief Ramiz Raja to be replaced by PML-N

Past sports minister Mashood has asked Ramiz to “resign gracefully” from his position. After Ehsan Mani’s term expired in August 2021, then-Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Ramiz Raja. As Mashood pointed out during a press conference, the moment, the PTI government was overthrown. Thus Ramiz should have resigned as chairman of the PCB. As a member of the Punjab government, Mashood hinted that departmental sports would be revived. Plus that a sports endowment fund would be established.

Also, Multiple sources have recently claimed that Najam Sethi will soon replace Raja as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Because of the former’s close relationship with the country’s prime minister, Sharif. Previously, PCB Chairman Sethi resigned after Imran Khan’s swearing-in as Prime Minister in 2018. Due to his strained relationship with Khan, he resigned early from his three-year term in 2017. Thus, Shakil Sheikh, former PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf, and former Lahore region president Khawaja Nadeem are among the other candidates for PCB chairmanship.

PCB Chief Ramiz Raja to be replaced by PML-N

Official Statements

“I don’t see any future for Raja in Pakistan cricket.” Mashood said, adding that the government hasn’t been able to take an immediate decision in this regard due to other “important and pressing issues”.

“Department of Sports is being revived to provide employment to the players,” he maintained.

“I am not going anywhere. The newly elected government has directed me to keep working,” Ramiz had told.

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